Robin Sharma.

Robin Sharma. I read Robin’s books, I regularly watch his video blog. Amazing person who shines with positive. Of course, the essence of the truth does not depend on who said it. And, since the author is a self-growth and motivation trainer, all his books are textbooks for people aimed at developing the spiritual principle. […]

Dan Brown.

Dan Brown. A lot and everyone is written about Brown, reaching fierce disputes over his amateurism in religion and protesting perception of Catholicism. But one thing is important to me, Dan Brown is a talented author and his books are easy to read, perhaps some are more interesting than others (for example, Angels and Demons […]

Flat metal lens gave the effect of a fish eye.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an ultra-wide-angle panoramic metal lens. Since its field of view exceeds 170 degrees, the lens can be classified as a fisheye lens, which was previously unattainable for a single-layer metasurface. The invention is designed for the mid-infrared range, but proves the practical possibility of creating single-layer […]

Rich Dad Poor Dad Text.

Hmm … So much hype, but there is no revelation or clear instructions in this book. Each example starts out pretty straight forward, and you think, “Well. Now I learn the secret of riches, ”and then all the prayers. Throughout the text, you are hammered into the obvious things that you came to long before […]

Review of multifunctional watches Timex Expedition WS4.

The market for multifunctional tourist watches is quite small and has long been divided among its participants. Therefore, it is very difficult for a new player to reach it. It is problematic to revolutionize the ABC-watch (short for “Altimeter, Barometer, Compass”), so competitors have to slowly evolve. However, the successful implementation of the functions most […]

Mercedes SLK Review

The history of the creation and development of Mercedes SLK cars! Mercedes SLK. Mercedes-Benz SLK This vehicle has received over 35 international prizes and awards, including: The 1996 Mercedes-Benz SLK family included two models SLK200 and SLK230 Kompressor. Base model with 2-liter 4-cylinder 136 hp and SLK230 Kompressor In 1999, the company took into account […]